Working Papers (Economics)

Bringing Breakthrough Technologies to Market: Solar Power and Feed-in Tariffs. Working Paper, Blogpost, CESifo Distinguished Research Affiliate Prize, NBER, YouTube, Slides

Unintended Consequences of Tech Neutrality: Evidence from Environmental and Innovation Policy Interactions with Jacquelyn Pless (MIT Sloan) Working Paper

The Economic Costs of Lopsided Power Contracts: Evidence from Pakistan with Tim Dobermann (LSE) and Faraz Hayat (IGC Pakistan/UChicago)

Making Power Purchase Agreements Fit for Purpose with Abhinav Jindal, Haneea Isad, Windy Dewi, Sam Fankhauser and Gernot Wagner. 

The Economics of Coal Phaseouts with Michael Zaehringer. Institute of New Economic Thinking. Working Paper. Under Review. 

Knowledge Spillovers between Clean and Dirty Technologies with Su Jung Jee (INET Oxford) Working Paper. Blogpost.  Under Review. 

Publications (Policy)

Political economy 

Development and transition pathways for fossil fuel-producing low and lower-middle income countries in a carbon-constrained world (2024) with Foster et al. Nature Climate Change. Journal link

The economic & legal case for revoking coal mining permits (2020) with Ryan Rafaty and Bjorn Hoops. Climate Policy. Feb 18:1-7  Open access version. Blogpost. Journal version.

Principles of Decarbonisation Politics (2023) with Linus Mattauch. Nature Climate Change. Journal pdf. 

Greening our Laws: Revising Land Acquisition Law for Coal Mining in India (2022) with Tanmay Singh. Economic & Political Weekly. Nov 57 (no.46).  Journal pdf

Political Strategies to Overcome Climate Policy Obstructionism (2022) with Ryan Rafaty. Perspectives on Politics. Journal pdf.

Green growth

Net zero portfolio targets for development finance institutions: challenges and solutions (2023) with Sam Fankhauser, Ingrid Sundvor, Stephanie Hirmer and Gireesh Shrimali. Global Policy. Journal pdf

Sensitive Intervention Points: A strategic approach to climate action (2023) with Penny Mealy, Pete Barbrook-Johnson, Matthew Ives and Cameron Hepburn. R&R at Oxford Review of Economic Policy. 

The readiness of industry for a transformative recovery from COVID 19 (2020) with Sam Fankhauser and Raphaela Kotsch. Global Sustainability. Journal version

Sensitive Intervention Points in the Post-Carbon Transition (2019) with Doyne Farmer, Cameron Hepburn, Matthew Ives, Thomas Hale, Thom Wetzer, Penny Mealy, Ryan Rafaty and Rupert Way. Science. Open access version. Journal version

Climate Policy in Asia 

Low-Carbon Industrial Strategies for Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines (2019) with ClimateWorks Australia. Discussion Papers

Green Growth Opportunities for Asia (2017) with Sam Fankhauser and Alex Kazaglis. Asian Development Bank Working Paper Series.  

Meeting the Low Carbon Growth Challenge (2016) with Shikha Jha, Minsoo Lee, David Raitzer, Sam Fankhauser and Alex Kazaglis. Theme Chapter for Asian Development Outlook 2016. Asian Development Bank.  


Solar innovation history 

Lost potential: how the kidnapping of a solar energy pioneer impacted the cost of renewable energy and the climate crisis (12 October 2023). Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment. Working Paper

The Life & Times of George Cove: The World’s First Solar Entrepreneur (13 January 2024). Working Paper.