Lecturer & Postdoctoral Fellow

Energy Economics - Environmental Economics - Innovation Economics

University of Oxford 


Welcome to my website! I am an applied microeconomist working on energy, environment and innovation. 

Select Research in Economics

Bringing Breakthrough Technologies to Market: Solar Power and Feed-in Tariffs

Unintended Consequences of Tech Neutrality: Evidence from Environmental and Innovation Policy Interactions  (with Jacquelyn Pless)

Charging Ahead: Regulatory Incentives and Battery Innovation in the United Kingdom

The Economic Costs of Lopsided Power Contracts: Evidence from Pakistan (with Tim Dobermann and Faraz Hayat)

Interdisciplinary research 

Knowledge Spillovers between Clean and Dirty Technologies (with Su Jung Jee)  - R&R Ecological Economics

The Economics of Coal Phaseouts (with Michael Zaehringer) - R&R Climate Policy Economics

Contracts not costs: evidence of fossil fuel lock-in across Asia (with Jindal et al.)

Sugandha Srivastav  | British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow | University of Oxford